Issues and Legislation

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Issues and Legislation
Current Legislation
S.427 2/28/2013--Introduced.Sensible School Lunch Act
S.274 2/11/2013--Introduced.Children Eating Well Act
S.39 1/22/2013--Introduced.Healthy Lifestyles and Prevention America Act
H.R.1783 To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to issue loan guarantees for purposes of financing improvements to school lunch facilities, training school food service personnel, and for other purposes.
H.R.1503 4/11/2013--Introduced.No Hungry Kids Act
H.R.1500 4/11/2013--Introduced.Nutrition Education Act
H.R.1395 3/21/2013--Introduced.Weekends Without Hunger Act
H.R.1355 3/21/2013--Introduced.State Nutrition Assistance Flexibility Act of 2013
H.R.1303 3/20/2013--Introduced.School Nutrition Flexibility Act
H.R.1244 3/19/2013--Introduced.Sensible School Lunch Act
H.R.428 1/25/2013--Introduced.School Meals Reimbursement Rates Comparison Act of 2013
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